Muscle Stimulation Device

Muscle Stimulation is a highly sophisticated and powerful device that mimics the body’s natural bio-electricity to work out your muscles more effectively than a traditional workout. It helps flatten your stomach, reduces cellulite and a postpartum belly, and helps improve your posture by strengthening your core muscles. Equivalent to 500 abs in 30 min. 

During their first 30 minute session clients have experienced a loss of inches around the abdomen. You can choose from working on your abdomen, arms, thighs, or glutes. Treatment helps with inch loss, weight loss, and helps improve posture.
A minimum of 12 sessions are required to see awesome results!

Lipo Cavitation

(Ultrasonic Cavitation) Liquifies fat- One of the latest technologies for reducing fat. It is also know as a "lipo" without surgery. Using low frequency ultrasounds it destroys fatty cells without damaging any sorrounding tissues. This fat is later eliminated in urine.

(RF) Radiofrequency Treatment

Non invasive and comfortable treatment that stimulates the skin layers by focused Radio Frequency (RF) and thermal energy to bring about immediate tightening of loose skin. Just like a focus lens, SkinTightener enables the precise targeting of skin depth and treatment area. That is why it is also called the “focus wave” RF. 

SkinTightener's proprietary focus wave technology penetrates deep through the sub-dermal and dermal layers to stimulate collagen and tissues of the skin. It results in immediate tissue tightning.

Lymphatic Drainage Vibrating System

This type of vibrating device is intended to give a relaxing comfortable vibrating massage. This gentle, non-invasive bodywork technique stimulates the flow of lymph fluid in the Lymphatic System. It consists of specific movements that are used to lightly push lymph through the system, helping it to drain out of the tissues and move throughout the body. This high-speed vibrant machine is a strong deep tissue massage apparatus that equipped with a solid and light centrifugal vibrator. To amplify deep tissue massage effect.  This instrument functions effectively in weight losing and body contouring by re-localizing the fatty deposits, muscle and fibrous adhesions tissue.


★ Soften Fatty Tissue, Breaking Down Excess Fatty Tissue
★ Improve Circulation and Metabolism
★ Reduce Pain, Edema or Swelling
★ Relax, Restore Energy
★ Therapeutic Massage
★ Body Slimming and Contouring
★ Reduce Dimpling and ‘Orange Peel’ Effect of Cellulite  

FIR-Infrared Sauna Blanket

The Sauna Blanket has FIR-Infrared technology that provides stress reduction, pain relief, skin rejuvenation, cellular detoxification. The Infrared Sauna Blanket Body Wrap aids in weight loss, body contouring and slimming, and the improved appearance of cellulite. As you relax in the gentle Infrared Sauna Blanket Body Wrap treatment, your body is actually hard at work producing sweat, pumping blood, and burning calories. As your body increases sweat production to cool itself, your heart will work harder to pump blood at a greater rate to boost blood circulation. Your blood pressure is reduced and metabolism is increased. The Infrared rays penetrate the skin breaking up unwanted fat deposits and releasing toxins from your body.

Spray tanning (Coming Soon)